DD Studio

In the real world, one of the basic qualities of a business and modern person is the ability to present yourself. Appearance helps to reveal in the person the curtain of individuality, to show the refinement of style and originality of taste. With the help of clothes you can convey the mood, without saying a word, express your attitude towards a certain event, person or place. For this very reason, with a huge variety of mass production, work is highly recognized where the “master” touch is easily discernible. That’s why in my studio I offer clients an individual approach to making each suit.
The main direction of the studio is individual production of clothes for customers. Also in the studio (or on the Internet) you can buy ready-made things from the collections. If necessary, you can make a fit on the figure in place. Part of the products can be repeated in the right size.
Consult the designer and choose accessories – at your service.
We also have the opportunity to rent clothes.

“DD Studio” is located in Tallinn at Tööstuse tee 48. Cab. 211, 2nd floor.