DD Studio

Nowadays, almost everyone will agree with the saying that a book is judged by its cover. One of the most important attributes of the modern business man is his ability to leave a good impression of himself. From this point of view, it is impossible to overestimate the part appearance plays. The way we look helps lift a curtain and see the individuality of a person, show the elegance and originality of their taste. With the help of clothes, you can express your mood without saying a word; express your attitude towards a situation, place or person. That is why people really appreciate the rare pieces of clothing touched by the hand of a designer among the wide variety of mass-produced clothes.

No one can resist the attraction of femininity. It can change our world. While creating catwalk collections and putting my feelings and my personal understanding of beauty in them, I always try to give my clothes a chance to enter the real world. Any place visited by an elegant and confident woman transforms into a catwalk. Every order is a network of your individual features and characteristics, combined with the best parts of my skills. But first of all, it gives me a possibility to create a unique image. It is created with the help of textiles from the best European fashion houses, but also includes individual handmade accessories, made especially for the customer, and other style elements.

My mission is to solve the mystery of every woman. From the wide variety of forms and colours, I try to pick the fascinating ones that can truly express your individuality. My favourite style is everlasting femininity.

Yours sincerely,
Diana Denisova.

“DD Studio” is located in Tallinn on Maakri 28a. Entrance from the courtyard, 2nd door.