My style

My favourite style is everlasting femininity!

My name is Diana, and I am an Estonian designer of Russian origin. I was born in Ryazan and grew up there. In Ryazan, I got my first degree in Economics after graduating from the Ryazan Radio Engineering College. Right after the graduation, I moved to Tallinn. My children Alina and Denis were born here in Tallinn. I have always been interested in handicrafts, so I enjoyed studying the art and craft of leatherworking, artificial flowers, silk painting, etc. Of course, I have tried to design and sew all the clothes that myself and my children need. For 10 years I have been working in the Children’s Activity Centre, running the Fashion Décor studio and trying my best to teach the children all the skills and knowledge I have. In 1999, I took part in my first Flower Dress competition, resulting in the 3rd place. I agreed to participate in the competition simply because I needed to create a dress. By that time, I was absolutely sure of my future vocation. In 2000, I entered the Ivanovo Textile Academy and graduated in 2003 with a cum laude diploma in Design and Patternmaking. It gave me confidence to create my own company, called Lediana Fashion. After two years, I went to Moscow to study at Slava Zaitsev’s Fashion Lab.

For five years, I have been creating dresses for the contestants of the Russian Beauty of Estonia contest. In 2006, the final contestants of the Miss Estonia contest appeared on stage wearing my dresses. Following years brought another contest, and I was even awarded prizes.


All of that helped me create my own style, based on classics. My clothes represent the classic traditions in a new contemporary way. I prefer the combination of functionality and fundamentality. I like to work with different kinds of textiles, but silk is my favourite. I do my best to make decorative clothes which can be worn for a long time. I like to make everyday clothes look more interesting. Stylish and beautiful business-like outfits help women feel more self-confident in any situation. The main purpose of my creative work is making comfortable and beautiful clothes.

My collections are adjusted to fit the everyday lives of the women wearing them. It is very important for me that any item, taken straight from the catwalk, can be worn in everyday life. My motto is the Coco Chanel quote “There is nothing I could wear that I could not make myself. There is nothing I could make that I could not wear myself”.