New Baroque /2009/


Photographer: Filippo Caroti.

In the summer, I was preparing for an exhibition. I needed to create a contemporary suit form from vlieseline. I was folding the collar just as little girls fold paper fans when someone said the word “Baroque”. Why not – was my first thought. During all the trips I made, I tried to pick up textiles for my future collections. When I turned back home I discovered the new issue of the Collezioni magazine, which claimed Baroque to be one of the current trends.

Collezioni No 135 a/w 09-10: This trend typically uses luxury textiles like well-crafted shiny velvet, all kinds of brocade and damask with golden and bronze weaves, which are always popular at the promenades in Paris. It is reminiscent of Poire, the spectacular and delicate elegance of the time, the luxurious attraction of shiny ornaments.

Then, I started intense creative work. The results of this work were presented at the Tallinn Fashion Week as a collection titled New Baroque.


Photographer: Filippo Caroti


Photographer: Albert Truuväärt